Author: Gurpreet Raulia

<strong></strong>How COVID-19 is exposing capitalism as the enemy, and socialism as the friend

How COVID-19 is exposing capitalism as the enemy, and socialism as the friend

Undoubtedly, the world has taken an ‘unprecedented’ (in the words of every leading politician recently) turn towards the dystopian narratives we’ve grown up seeing in TV and film. The world is turning on its head with even Britney Spears coming out as a comrade, too. In the past few days I’ve been seeing the same people who rallied for Boris in the recent General Election now circulating petitions for equal pay and protection of their rights as workers. I want to say that I’m surprised, but ultimately, I’m not. Essentially, the world has found a new enemy, the new coronavirus, and is yet to realise that its previous enemy, socialism, is actually their friend. If anything, capitalism is the disease. It’s true, this is probably one of the biggest collective struggles we’ll ever have to f...
<strong></strong>Why grading systems are a flawed measure of intelligence

Why grading systems are a flawed measure of intelligence

Since I’ve been in education, I have always found a distaste in grading systems. When I first had a piece of creative writing assessed, I realised that one person may find my work amazing, whilst another would find it terrible. Though I have continued to push myself through this constraining education system, I believe that the concept of grading and the effects of it should be considered more heavily. This issue has particularly come into importance to me during my time at the University of Waterloo, where I have had the privilege to work with a professor whose teaching philosophy disregards the traditional grading system in a way which ultimately benefits students. The topic of education and grading has been linked with the conversation self-esteem and validation for an extended peri...
<strong></strong>The Sikhs, and now the Kashmiris: the disease that is Hindu Nationalism
World Politics

The Sikhs, and now the Kashmiris: the disease that is Hindu Nationalism

If you haven’t already seen the recent red-washing of Twitter icons, then you must be new to the issue in Kashmir. Indian PM Narendra Modi has revoked the autonomy of Kashmir and Jammu, leaving the inhabitants in grave anxiety and panic. This abrupt change comes as no surprise, as Modi has expressed before his Hindu nationalist beliefs, as a devotee of Hindutva. Hindutva is the ideology that India is the homeland of Hindus, and has fuelled many anti-Muslim and anti-Sikh attacks since the election of Modi. But, it is ignorant to believe that this is a new revelation, as Indian patriots and nationalists have often overlooked the atrocities within their own countries. Hindu nationalists like Modi, and such as Anupam Kher and Priyanka Chopra, bask in their Hindu privilege whilst completel...
<strong></strong>How is R. Kelly surviving ‘Surviving R. Kelly’?
Music, Race and Identity, Society

How is R. Kelly surviving ‘Surviving R. Kelly’?

Disclaimer: Details of sexual assault, domestic violence/abuse and sexual misconduct involving minors. The stories on Robert Kelly’s sexual misconduct, paedophilia and abuse have not been strangers to us in the wake of the Lifetime docuseries Surviving R. Kelly. Victims, friends, former employees and even family of R. Kelly have come out in this 6 part series to expose in depth the actions of R. Kelly. But the question within all of this is the most troubling part of these confession tapes. How and why has Kelly managed to steer clear of this controversy for more than twenty years? How has this three time Grammy award winner avoided any repercussions for things that there is visual evidence of? And the answer is simple: people do not care about the lives of black girls. The series i...
<strong></strong>Album of the Week: ASTROWORLD

Album of the Week: ASTROWORLD

Travis Scott is probably best known right now because of his affiliation with Kylie Jenner. Marketing himself with her in shoots for Calvin Klein and online interviews, you would probably forget this man even makes music. Travis Scott’s Astroworld has an undeniably great sound; it’s Travis’s sound for sure, the same old reliable sound. It's managed three weeks on the Billboard 200 chart at number 1. Personally, I love this album. There’s not a song on it that I can say I don’t like. It’s Travis, it might be contained of tasteless and meaningless lyrics but it’s good on the ear. It’s timeless. My only question with this album is: how original is it? It’s hard not to think of Travis as a feature on his own album. It’s hard to keep up who is on each song and in some cases, S...
<strong>Album of the Week: Frank Ocean’s 'Blonde', two years on</strong>

Album of the Week: Frank Ocean’s 'Blonde', two years on

Welcome to Album of the Week. In this new series, our contributors will be bringing you exciting new music recommendations, drawing from all corners of the music world to share their favourite albums, and to explain what makes them worth listening to. This week’s suggestion comes from Gurpreet Raulia.  When I first listened to Frank Ocean, I did not think he would come to be the influence that he is in my life today. What I failed to understand when first approaching Ocean, when I began listening to Thinkin Bout You for the first time, was the level of expertise with which Frank creates his work. I was unaware of and unprepared for the impact Frank had and would continue to have, not just on me, but on the world of hip-hop, RnB and indie music. I was ignorant to the sound, the genr...
Why anti-white ‘racism’ is the least of my concerns
Race and Identity

Why anti-white ‘racism’ is the least of my concerns

Before I begin, I want to be clear about one thing. This is not my opinion on all white people. When I use the term ‘white people’, I am referring to a group of white people who perpetuate the habits that I wish to address. It is a term used loosely and I do not intend for it to encapsulate my feelings towards an entire race. As a woman of colour, one thing I struggle to sit with is white people wanting sympathy in the face of anti-white comments. A wave of open anti-white opinions has washed over Twitter and other platforms, airing people’s concerns towards white people, some of whom can’t deal with it. Whilst it is easy to say that this is unfair and unnecessary, here is why anti-white ‘racism’ places itself at the bottom of my list of concerns. First and foremost, being Indian, I have...
The digital epidemic that is: Instagram
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The digital epidemic that is: Instagram

It’s confusing for us if someone isn’t on social media. What do you do with yourself? Are you a hermit? What would someone without social media even do? I’ve probably been on social media since the age of 11; the classic, ‘I’m not actually 26, I just had to fake my age to be on Facebook.’ When I started, it was just so that I could keep in touch with my friends and see what people were sharing outside of what I knew of them. 7 years later, I’m on every thinkable social media platform (but never on LinkedIn). With self-expression and freedom of identity comes exposure to all kinds of voices but on social media platforms like Instagram, mainly bodies and a deep insight into our personal lives. We all love to scope into people’s lives but what do we do when a desire to know about someone else...