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We are
unashamedly opinionated.

The Slant is a world-first ‘massively collaborative’ opinion piece platform, providing the latest slants on things that matter.

Founded by students, The Slant hopes to lead the charge to create a new generation of politically literate, culturally aware and unashamedly opinionated young people, ready to take on challenges of the future.

Our platform is one-of-a-kind. Part blog, part social network, we want to be on the frontier of a new kind of media, dovetailing grassroots voices with the quality you’d expect from a broadsheet op-ed.

We’re not just a website, we’re a movement, revolutionising the way young people think about current affairs.

Your ticket to becoming a published writer

Right now is an extremely exciting time for us because we’re still building our platform. Joining the project at this developmental stage gives you an incredible opportunity to be part of something we think will be groundbreaking. We’re on the hunt for budding writers, videographers, strategists, and developers to be a part of The Slant.

Writing for us gives you a chance to be published on a platform that people will trust for quality. We’ll do everything we can to expand your readership and get your name out there.

Join The Slant

We’re always on the lookout for new talent to join our team. Whether you’re interested in writing as a columnist or want to get involved behind the scenes, browse the positions below and get in touch.

The Slant seeks eloquent articles on things that matter to people. We’re particularly on the lookout for student voices, but anyone is welcome.

If you’re opinionated, enjoy writing and are unafraid to say what you think, we want you on board.

If you have a passion for a particular field, we’ll give you significant editorial autonomy to air your views. Whatever makes you tick, articulate it with The Slant as your platform of choice.


From Trump’s latest controversies to Brexit debacles or parliamentary showdowns, we want your hot slants on the latest in UK, US, European and global politics.


Passionate about the patriarchy? Strong opinions on the housing crisis? We want your slants on the state of our society.

Whether you’re writing an impassioned plea for the legalisation of cannabis, critiquing the sugar tax or lambasting the pay gap, we’re always interested in Slants on societal issues.

Art and culture

Have you just discovered the Beatles of the 21st century? Has your city’s art gallery got a groundbreaking new installation? Or do you just want to translate Kanye West’s tweets for the masses? (please, someone. Anyone.) Write about it on The Slant.

Gig, album, play, gallery, film: all are welcome.

Science and tech

What’s up with the iPhone X notch? Is climate change still reversible?

From fracking to nuclear fusion to Elon Musk’s hyperloop or SpaceX adventures, we want The Slant to be the internet’s one-stop shop for explaining the significance of the latest breakthroughs in science and technology.


What do tuition fees, Vice-Chancellors’ pay, lecturers’ strikes, grammar schools and the liberated curriculum all have in common?

They’re all potential Slant ideas waiting for you to sign up and turn them into fabulous articles.


Strong opinions on doping scandals in your sport? Are FIFA at it again? Should cricket be reintroduced to the Olympics? Is darts a sport?

We’d love to have your slant on things.


No previous experience required. If you do have any relevant experience we’d love to hear about it.

Apply now

We want to deliver shareable informational videos to our audiences.

Go viral with us. Whether you’re on the ground documenting a protest, giving your slant on the latest political trends or explaining the significance of new technological discoveries, we want your professional-looking, thought-provokingly bold videos on The Slant.

Evidenced experience with videography and audiovisual manipulation software is preferred.


We’re seeking a web developer with WordPress experience to help develop The Slant further.

A successful candidate will have generous experience in PHP and CSS and will have the ability to work creatively with a given design brief, with the goal of building up our site. We have big plans for our website and we’d ideally like to work closely with you to build a bespoke content delivery platform. It’s a challenging project, but to the right candidate, this is an exciting opportunity to push your skills, fill out your CV and gain valuable experience. If this sounds like you, get in touch.

We’re advertising for the voluntary post of Science and Technology Editor. This will entail reviewing the spelling, grammar, and credibility of articles submitted for The Slant’s Science and Technology section, and seeing them through to publication. Ideal candidates will have an interest in science, technology, and journalism, and will have the knowledge necessary to read opinion pieces on these topics with a critical eye. We expect this would take 1-2 hours per week. No previous experience is required.

Currently, The Slant’s editorial team is small, and it can be difficult to ensure articles are always quality-checked and published as quickly as possible. That’s where you come in.

We need a competent writer to help manage the Science and Technology section. You’ll be approving articles related to these (including research, consumer electronics, and more) before quality-checking them and publishing them on our website. We may ask if you can review and publish articles for other sections, but only on occasions when other editors are unavailable and the article is especially relevant at a particular time.

This is a great opportunity to gain journalistic and editorial experience in an environment that’s well suited to students. We won’t demand much of your time, and we encourage people to prioritise their studies. You’ll get to know a small group of aspiring journalists across the country whilst holding a position at an informal, but growing, website.

If you’re interested, write up to 150 words on a science- or technology-related topic of your choice, in the style of a slant, and submit it in WordPress on our website. This should include a title that you consider suitable. You may use bullet points. If we don’t already know you, email your submission to contact@theslant.media with a brief introduction to yourself. If there are any changes you’d make to the section, let us know at the end of your submission.

Applications will close at 23:00 Sunday 10 February.

None of these sounding like you?

Send us a message on facebook here and we’ll be in touch. Include any relevant information on your background and experience.


Laurie Sutcliffe

Co-Founder, Co-Editor in Chief

Laurie studies Politics at the University of Sheffield, and runs The Slant in his spare time. Like Toby, he is originally from Oxford.

Read his articles here

Toby Berrett

Co-Founder, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Toby studies English with Politics at the University of Sussex, and runs The Slant in his spare time. Like Laurie, he is originally from Oxford.

Read his articles here